Former Chief Ministers of Occupied Kashmir Farooq Abdullah and Omar Abdullah have said that they will fight a legal battle against the illegal act of Article 370. The BJP wants to replace the Muslim majority of the Occupied Kashmir with the Hindu minority and does not accept the delimitation commission.

In an interview with an Indian newspaper, former Chief Minister of Occupied Kashmir Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah said that the petition against the repeal of Article 370 in the Indian Supreme Court is on strong legal grounds.
He said that domiciles reject the move of the law, Farooq Abdullah said that he did not believe in the delimitation done by the Indian government.

He said that the Bharatiya Janata Party has specific ambitions in the occupied valley, the BJP wants to replace the Muslim majority in the occupied valley with the Hindu minority.

Omar Abdullah said that the Indian Boundary Commission was a product of the Indian initiative taken on August 5 last year.
He said that he guarantees that more than 90% of the new domiciles will be issued to non-Muslims.

Omar Abdullah said that no door is open for talks with the Indian government, we will see if the new Indian government is ready for talks.

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