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Clerks are the lifeline for office work to move in a systematic way. Clerical work ensures that the office runs smoothly and efficiently. The work at this position involves the day administrative tasks of an office, such as answering phones, scheduling appointments, sending faxes, and filing documents. If you are looking for a clerk jobs in Hong Kong then this article will help you to get an insight about profiles, skills and other knowledge that you need to get in this job.

Major Job profiles in Clerical jobs are: –

  • Executive Assistant
  • Front Office Executive
  • Back Office Assistant
  • Admin Assistant
  • Admin
  • Data Entry Executive
  • Receptionist
  • Office Assistant

Though some people use these titles alternatively, clerks and secretaries both are different from admin assistants. Admin assistants has to have some degree and have more responsibilities, including looking after basic project works and sometimes looking after teams.

Skills Needed for this Position

Detail Orientation

Clerical jobs need great attention to detail for day today office work they are involved in answering phones, tracking emails, tracking appointments and reviewing documents. As a clerk, it is important to focus on these details and not letting anything slip through.


Clerks should have good communication skills both oral and written with seniors, acquaintances and customers. They typically will have to answer phones, write memorandums, send emails-posts, and greet clients and customers.

They must be able to speak and write clearly and effectively, and in a way that is easy to understand. They speak with many different sets of people on a daily basis, so knowing how to effectively communicate with co-workers will mean the difference between a long-term career and short-term one.

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Computer Skills

In Hong Kong the clerk needs to be good with computers as they are typically required to do some data entry, so they should be familiar with Microsoft Excel and other data entry software. They should be good with various Microsoft Office software, such as Word and PowerPoint. In addition to this any other computer skills, such as the ability to design or edit web pages, would be considered a big plus.


Clerk jobs demands one to find comfort with numbers, which requires basic mathematical application skills and to understand numerical information. Some clerks take a degree, of bookkeeping and/or accounting for a company, among other numerical duties. Clerks who are able to carry these functions quickly and efficiently will thrive in these roles. If you aren’t a great mathematician, don’t worry. Just be sure to have basic math skills and analytical thinking.

These are the things that one should probably keep in mind before making a career in clerk jobs in Hong Kong. Being one of the developed countries it has abundance of clerk jobs opportunities and people from all around the world work here. So if you are looking for a clerk job in hon Kong just read about the skills and salary and then take your decision as an informed employee.

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