Do I need to talk to my insurance company after a car accident?

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Many questions can arise just after an unfortunate car accident. But a few specific questions can only be answered by a professional lawyer who has substantial experience in handling these sorts of cases. It is not a wise decision to talk to the other driver’s insurance company without your attorney.

What limited information do you need to give your insurance company?

You should call a personal injury lawyer first who will enlighten you about the proceedings. But if you want, you could give a call to your car insurance company within a stipulated time to report the car accident. But think before you speak to the insurance provider. You only need to inform them about some particulars like:

  • Time of the accident
  • Site of accident
  • People involved in the accident

You need not tell them who is responsible for the accident. You only report them to ensure that they do not deny your insurance coverage later.

What can happen if you talk to your insurance company all by yourself?

If you are a novice and have no idea about any of it, you could risk spilling the beans that could prove detrimental to your case. The insurance company could use your words against you to make you the faulty one or twist your words so that would bar you claim any compensation for the accident.

And another biggest mistake that you could make by talking to an insurer without an attorney is that you could settle for a much less amount than what you actually deserve. These insurers would readily provide you with a small offer right after the accident to save themselves from future compensation that you rightfully owed. So it is advisable to never talk to your insurance without consulting a professional accident lawyer.

How can an attorney help?

An insurance company is not worried about you or your health. All that matters to them is the case. They would always want to settle the case as early as possible with the lowest insurance coverage. But an expert personal injury lawyer knows how an insurance company works and still has your best interest in mind. They evaluate your case’s worth by studying all the facts, the severity of the injuries caused in the car accident, and several other parameters. They even negotiate the claim on your behalf and never settle for any less.

If any insurance company is unwilling to pay you the compensation, an attorney can take the case to trial and settle in the court with all the documentation.

Final thoughts

If you get involved in a car accident, then the first thing you should do is contact your lawyer for legal advice by giving him all the details of the case. Remember, few things should be left for experts only!

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