Do Electric Bicycles Charge While You Ride?

Do Electric Bicycles Charge While You Ride

Electric bikes use powerful lithium ion batteries to propel you forward. But how do you charge these batteries? Find out how to charge your electric cruiser bicycle and where to turn for the best bike options for your lifestyle and body type. Don’t settle for the first eBike you see, but choose a quality option from a leading manufacturer.

Choose the Right Battery and Charging Option

Choose a bicycle that uses the best battery option. Some electric bikes advertise a recharging method known as regenerative pedaling. While it sounds like a better solution for charging your battery, it’s not as practical as it sounds.

Regenerative pedaling requires you to invest in a costly battery and charging system. The idea is to use your pedaling motion to power the battery. Unfortunately, this is an inefficient way to charge a battery and can make it more difficult for you to push your pedals.

A long-lasting lithium ion battery allows you to cruise comfortably through your entire commute and easily charge it at the end of the day. Find out how to efficiently charge your bicycle with these simple steps.

Fully Charge Your Bike

First, it’s important to fully charge your mens electric bike before you use it. Try to keep your battery at 30-60% charge. Completely draining the battery with every use can negatively impact its lifetime. When you choose a bike that doesn’t rely on regenerative pedaling, you can easily plug in your bike and let it charge when not in use.

Consider a Spare Battery

Gearing up for a long road trip? Pick up a spare battery or two to increase the distance of your electric bike. The number of miles you can travel on a fully charged electric bicycle varies depending on your bike, riding style and terrain, but spare batteries can double or triple the length of your electric-assisted ride.

Augment Your Battery by Pedaling

Quality electric bicycles have two different riding styles: pedal assist or full electric. In pedal assist mode, you can augment your battery by continuing to pedal. This mode makes your electric bike work just like a standard bike, except you can travel much faster than your own pedal power typically allows.

Full electric power doesn’t require you to pedal your bike at all. Simply sit back, steer and prepare to use your brakes. This mode of travel uses up your battery more quickly and may not allow you to travel as fast, but it’s a comfortable and convenient option when you need a rest.

To increase the lifetime of your battery, use the pedal assist mode. This uses less battery power, so you can cruise along for a longer period of time.

Shop for Electric Bikes Today

Whether you’re looking for an upgrade or purchasing your first electric bike, shop online for the best men’s and women’s electric bikes for sale. Choose a comfortable ride with a long-lasting lithium ion battery to make the most of your electric bike. Find out how surprisingly affordable these iconic bikes are and prepare for a long-distance ride or comfortable commute around town.

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