Can’t Decide Which Car to Buy? 6 Tips to Help You Out

Can't Decide Which Car to Buy

Buying a car may turn out to be a rather challenging experience for you. Before making that purchase of the car you have in mind, it is advisable to take a step back, weigh your options, and carefully consider every aspect of the process. This usually works best for first time users who may be pulled into “sweet” deals without prior knowledge. Do your research diligently and plan carefully on your course of action to get that dream car you have been eyeing.

Evaluating your car needs

This is an essential part when making your decision to buy a car. Ask yourself what you need the car for, functionality or comfort? Or even both. People buy cars to serve different purposes, and you are not any different. You could be buying the car to service your family needs. This will probably make you lean toward family vans and sports utility vehicles. You may find yourself attracted to the SUV’s functionality meets comfort features. Basically, at this stage, you get to decide what you want to do with the car and if you actually do need the car in the first place.

Set up your car financing plan

Having decided on what you need the car for, you now have to find the money to buy the car? Develop a budget to help you window shop the type of car that meets your car needs. Having a budget helps you save cash as well as prevent impulse buying. One of the pros of coming up with a financing plan is that it will help you decide on whether to lease or buy the car.

Buying could be expensive at the initial stages, but in the long run, you get to own the car permanently, unlike leasing, where you will have to return the car. However, this must not influence your decision, as you should only work with what you can afford. Always remember to remain discipline to the budget you had set based on financial capability.


It doesn’t hurt to get a second opinion. Do your research on other cars that fit the description of the car of your choice. This will help you to review your decision and weigh your options based on an informed perspective. Here you will be able to compare & contrast the features of the cars. You also get to know the various performance ratings of the vehicles within their different fields of performance.

Through research, you will also get a chance to weigh the cost of ownership. The cost of ownership may include; maintenance, insurance, fuel costs, etc. Compare the long run ownership costs of the different brands and models before committing and choosing one.

Window shop for a car

You could either do this physically visiting car dealerships and looking at the wide range they have to offer, or you could find car dealership websites online and browse through their listings. Visiting these dealerships will help you narrow down on the prices within your budget and your car specifications, e.g., colour.

After finding a dealership that corresponds to your needs, you could schedule a test drive and wait for their advice via email or phone call.

Test drive

At this point, you have made a choice on which car you want to buy. The test drive should be able to give you the feeling you were hoping for. The test is also a way for you to explore all the features and specifications you were looking for. Basically, you get to check out the safety features the car has as well as other exciting aspects that drew you to the car. Take your time to experience the car and focus on the driving experience.

Select and purchase

After testing the different dealership options, you probably have made up your mind on the type you want. Choose the car that works best for you and clear out the paperwork to complete the purchase, and enjoy your ride home.

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