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Blooming Beauties: Flowering Plants To Grow In Your Home Garden

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How would a garden be a garden without those attractive beauties? Apart from growing essential plants in the garden, one would have to consider growing eye-catching flowers to make the overall appeal of the landscape perfect. Not only that, the more plants are being planted, the more the soil stays in place. This means erosion won’t be a problem in your garden.

Planting, in general, is proven to help the mental well-being of the gardener and the people living with them. This is important, especially in these trying times when people have no choice but to stay at home most of the time to save themselves and to save others. Choosing blooming beauties to plant shouldn’t be hard since there are a lot of them. Read ahead for options to choose from.


These are perfect additions to your home garden. This plant is one of the most popular among gardeners and landscapers as it easily fits in with other plants. Plus, they are great plants to have during summer since they can withstand heat. Ensure one plants them in well-drained soil and in a spot where they can get partial or full sunlight.

It would be best to plant them in during the last frost of spring. If planted around that time, plus growing them with care, they will live for about 50 years! They are known to have large enchanting and elegant flowers, which is a great flex as it boosts the garden’s appeal. You can also look online on how to take care of these flowers. This Article, for example, will teach you more on how to grow Hydrangeas for a more vibrant and colorful garden.


This is an easy-to-grow perennial, and they come back every season. This blooming beauty produces fragrant flowers which attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators. This means that they have an impact not only visually but also on other plants around them. With the pollinators visiting more often, one can be assured that the plants would grow and bloom healthily and rapidly.

Phlox are usually planted as groundcovers when they are still low/short. However, when they grow taller (for about 5 feet), one can make them as some sort of a backdrop to other low-growing flowers. They grow best when the threat of frosts is no longer that lethal to plants. They like the warmness and moisture of the soil in spring or autumn. Make sure to plant them 1 to 2 feet apart so they could have the best air circulation.


They bloom around late summer and early spring. This plant gives off an appearance like a daisy, but they are different if based on the type of perennial they are. They are often called “Michaelmas Daisies.” Aster is a symbol of faith, love, and wisdom. In ancient Greece, they are placed at the altars of gods and goddesses to symbolize deep love for them. They come in a variety of colors such as lilac, red, pink, white, etc.

Astres grow and bloom flowers best in full sun. Make sure to water them often since they do not like it when the soil is too dry. The garden would seem tired and dusty during late summer and early spring, especially if most plants don’t stand that much heat. So Asters would be a great addition to make the garden look lively again. Plus, they attract pollinators that could maintain and save other plants around them.


They look lively and cheery, but they have relatively short lives. They could live for only about three (3) to four (4) years, depending on your location. They are best planted after the last frost date, wound summer. One could grow them indoors for at least 6-8 weeks and plant them outside when everything gets warmer.

They are low maintenance, can withstand drought, and are long-blooming. Plant them where the soil is well-drained and in a spot where they can get as much sunlight. During the growing season, they have to be watered regularly. Do not add fertilizer unless the soil they are planted on has a poor condition.


The sight and smell would make a gardener satisfied and happy. Not only that, growing lavenders would make other plants happy, too, since they attract the best pollinators around. It is best to plant them near a vegetable garden for healthy and natural vegetable products. Plant them in spring with a distance of at least 12- 18 inches apart from each other.

This is a medicinal plant that has various benefits. They are great for people seeking help for their insomnia. Prescription drugs have side effects, and lavender oil does not. They are also great for calming the nerves, and a few drops of its oil would help in pain relief. Indeed an essential and eye-catching blooming beauty!


A lot of blooming beauties are still out there. It is still up to the gardener or landscaper to choose plants to fit in a landscape design. Consider planting those beauties that have the most benefits to the gardener and other plants surrounding them.

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