8 Reasons to Prefer Ready Mix Concrete Than Site Mixed Concrete

Prefer Ready Mix Concrete Than Site Mixed Concrete

Ready Mix Concrete, known as RMC, is a material used in construction sites to deliver expected results to the jobsite in a ready-to-use manner. The best mixture to use RMC are its components like Portland cement, water, cement and aggregates of sand, crushed stones and gravel. Considering structural aspects, RMC is an advanced model when it is compared to site mixed concrete. Using RMC has a lot of advantages such as quality, real life-cycle, speed, flexibility, durability and environmental friendliness for the project. It is also cost effective and the most preferable material.

Here are a few checklists of reasons which make Ready Mixed Concretes better than Site Mixed Concrete:

The process of making RMC mixture is based on the quality of concrete. The professionals who make ready Mix Concrete opt for a strict process to make this mixture more qualified. The ingredients that are used in RMC, are processed by severe testing and examination. Professional contractors quickly detect the quality of ingredients by using various techniques and monitoring key properties of RMCs. It helps you provide better and quality products to your customers and ensures better quality of products.

  • Speed

The speed of construction is also dependent on the ingredients of RMC. If we talk about the poor control on the quality of input material used in Ready mixed Concrete, it makes the construction process more poor. But RMC is better than Site Mixed Concrete. Due to highly-mechanized operations and techniques used in the batching process and production of ready mix concrete, its construction speed makes the project more flexible and durable. It also helps contractors to complete the project with high speed and it ultimately leads to direct saving on the RMC price for the customers.

  • No storage Hassle

In the production of RMC, it follows a strict quality process. The use of RMC avoids and prevents the procurement needs of unnecessary processes and ingredients. Even you don’t have to store cement, sand and other aggregates at the site. You will find all necessary admixtures in the construction process effectively. It also decreases the construction time and storage hassles while constructing buildings and other projects.

  • Less Wastage

If we talk about Site Mixed Concrete, while proceeding with the concrete mixing process, it originates a lot of wastage. On the other hand, While creating a mixture for RMC Facilities, there are very few changes of originating wastages from the material used during the process. All such wastages are considerably minimized and controlled in the comparison of Site mixed facilities. Customers can use the total material effectively. So, RMC eliminates the possibilities of creating wastage during construction.

  • Less Labour Requirement

In the construction procedure, if the contractor is using site mixed concrete, then there would be higher chances and requirements of the labour force to complete the procedure effectively, which can also increase the possibilities of human error. Whereas Ready Mix Concrete is the good material from which contractors can reduce the probabilities of human error, this process eliminates labour requirements and also controls the additional cost indulged in managing wages and salaries of labour.

  • Customers’ Priority

RMC is the best option for your customers too, it reduces their costs of appointing additional labour, which also reduces their cost of and profiting them completely. The customer’s manpower requirements will be minimized with the help of RMC facilities. But on the other hand, SMC facilities require highly maintenance and effectiveness to complete the construction work effectively, which increases the labour cost and reduces the profitability of customers. Even these facilities are up-to-the-mark as RMC facilities.

  • Environment Friendly

During the mixing processes of RMC facilities, whatever the ingredients are used, all are highly eco-friendly and pollution controlled materials, even cements too. Heavy pollution controlled norms are generally followed by contractors and the entire plans are completely certified by the area pollution control bodies. All these procedures help to improve the environmental activities and performance during concrete production. Whereas Site Mixed Concretes are not that much of profitable and environmentally effective to control the performance of concrete during production.

  • Life Cycle Cost Improvement

With High flexibility and speed of construction, with less maintenance costs and less requirement of labour and controllable wastage results give huge savings to the customers – it is one of the best quality of RMC facilities. This reduces optionals cost and enhances productivity which improve the quality & overall life-cycle costs of the products.

In the construction process, RMC is considered as great qualified, valuable, higher speed, durable goods. It is the material which helps companies to save the maintenance & operation costs and also improve the environmental performance of procedures of concrete produced by organisations.

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