6 Reasons To Choose Bali Island For Vacation Destination

Bali Island

Everyone knows that Bali is a well-known tourist destination in Indonesia. This island has many interesting tourist attractions. That’s why we have so many answers to the question why visiting Bali is a must. The following are reasons why Dewata Island is a must-visit.

6 Essential Reasons for Vacationing in Bali

1. Hindu cultural area

There are not many Hindu tourist areas in the world so Bali is a prima donna. This area is indeed set up to be friendly with tourists. No wonder millions of people visit every year, both foreign and domestic tourists.

Although thick with Hindu culture and religion, Bali is also friendly with adherents of other religions and races outside Bali. The community is very open to differences without being influenced by immigrants.

2. Beautiful natural scenery

The island of Bali is one of the places to visit in Indonesia because of its natural beauty which is very pleasing to look at. If you like beaches, then Bali is the right place to visit. Because of the shape of the island, the beaches in Bali are numerous.

There are various choices of beaches in Bali ranging from very crowded to quiet. Each beach is also supported by accommodation so you can enjoy your holiday here. Want to try a romantic atmosphere? Beaches in Bali are often used as locations of photoshoots for weddings.

3. Lots of traditional food

Bali is also a traditional food paradise. Even though there are a lot of foreign tourists, the Balinese people who open restaurants maintain the tradition by serving very distinctive Balinese cuisine. You can enjoy this traditional food at a more affordable price.

This food paradise is what attracts tourists to visit. Balinese spices are very different from other parts of Indonesia. You won’t regret tasting peculiar Balinese cuisine, one of them is chicken betutu.

4. Beautiful area

For those of you who are fed up with the hustle and bustle of the city, Bali is an interesting place to visit. The reason is, the Balinese people maintain their natural beauty so that it remains beautiful. The green nuance in Bali is very pampering and also makes this area very comfortable for vacation.

5. A welcoming citizen

Another important reason that makes Bali highly recommended by tourists is the nature of its citizens. They are very friendly with tourists and also appreciate differences. Most of them can also speak foreign languages ​​without losing their identity as Balinese.

6. Many choices of tours and accommodations

In Bali, you can do many exciting things and spoil your holiday experience. Accommodations in Bali are also very tourist friendly. You can still have a pleasant holiday experience no matter what your budget is.

Bali is a vacation destination recommended by many tourists. In addition to its natural conditions which are very suitable for a vacation, Bali is also friendly with tourists. Therefore, you can enjoy your vacation while surrounded by the traditional atmosphere of this island.

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