Tips To Fix the Parameters before Buying Muffler Online

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Can you afford to drive a car with unhealthy exhaust system in Canada or in CARB aligned 49 states? Probably, the most answers would be in big no. True, the emission standards in California states are understood as the highest. CARB regulations fix the emission standards of all class vehicles in Toronto and other cities of Canada. Thanks to Wholesalers Canada, US with online presence who offer complete line of aftermarket exhaust systems Canada and kits to make the exhaust upgrade or maintenance pocket friendly.

Muffler Prices Differ According To The Specific Type:

The muffler, flex pipe, catalytic converter, flange etc are the major parts of exhaust system; out of these mufflers have more importance because of being responsible to manage the noise level under permissible limits. Leading exhaust parts Canada suppliers offer rich variety of aftermarket mufflers for all the models and brands but the quoted price have significant difference that makes the decision a tough task. You should know the type of muffler being offered before deciding just on the basis of quoted price. We can put the mufflers in different categories on the basis of design and construction: standard muffler; bullet mufflers; bullet perforated mufflers; bullet louvered mufflers; bullet chambered mufflers; full cased muffler; multiple baffles muffler and turbo muffler.

Tips To Select The Best Muffler Online In Canada:

Which is the best muffler that I should buy? It is very common question especially from the old cars owners in Canada who want to upgrade the existing exhaust system as per new emission norms. Some mufflers do a miracle to make your car completely noiseless but at the cost of dropped fuel efficiency; on the other side, some mufflers are designed to bring down the noise level just up to the permissible limit but without any adverse impact of overall fuel efficiency; so, the choice is yours.

Turbo mufflers are designed for improved fuel and power performance. Full cased mufflers are normally wide in size and manage the sound up to the permissible limit while supporting the engine efficiency. Bullet mufflers are smaller in size and filter the gases for better emission standards but lack in efficiency to manage the exhaust flow and heat. Dual mufflers have been the preferred choice of trendy drivers who want to draw attention of others; these mufflers produce the sound that resembles with that of more powerful engines. These are made of different materials to induce the cost variation; leading muffler online stores offer mufflers made of aluminum, aluminized- steel and stainless steel. SS mufflers are expected to work well even up to ten years while the life of aluminum mufflers is expected up to 4-5 years.


The wholesale catalytic converters and muffler suppliers in Canada offer online assistance to choose the best companion. Fix your buying parameters as per exhaust system design and specifications; and then, buy the best ‘direct fit’ match.

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