The Fashion Experts’ Guide to Styling, Storing and Preserving Silver Jewellery

Silver Jewellery

Mixing and matching silver earrings, bracelets, and necklaces can be tricky for some. Silver jewellery is an accessory that bears a timeless elegance and a high-end aura to anyone who wears it. It can turn a dull evening gown into a showstopper or make a simple outfit look like it’s worth a million bucks. There are different types of silver used in jewellery. Fine .999 silver possesses a quality closest to that of pure silver. It is softer and more suitable for necklaces and earrings.

Sterling silver is 92.5% silver. It is harder than fine silver, making it excellent for bracelets and rings. Other types of silver accessories include nickel, Mexican, coin, and Tibetan silver.

Styling and preserving accessories made of silver like silver earrings is all about exuding confidence and not being afraid to try out different aesthetics. In this manner, you can find a silver-themed ensemble that suits your taste.

Below is a quick guide on how to style and preserve silver accessories.

Choose a focal point.

Before choosing a silver piece and other types of accessories to complement it with, decide on which area or part you want to emphasise on. Do you want to draw attention to your face, or do you want people to take notice of your body shape? Did you work hard to tone your legs and want everyone to shift their focus on the results?

By choosing and wearing a centrepiece, you refrain from over-accessorising and putting on pieces of jewellery with contrasting aesthetics. You can also balance chunkier jewellery with more lightweight chains and designs.

Don’t hesitate to pair silver with gold.

People used to say that combining silver accessories with gold is a fashion disaster. That is not true. There are different types of gold accessories to suit your taste, and this includes rose gold, white gold, palladium, yellow gold, and green gold, to name a few. You will also need a bridging piece or a piece of jewellery that will help you strike the perfect balance between your silver and gold combinations.

A standard bridging piece for silver and gold combinations is a pendant with a distinct shape or a vintage piece of jewellery. It works best with thin pieces of chain necklace or bracelets.

Remember to highlight your outfit, too!

Are you wearing a stunning gown with a low neckline? Then wear unique and expensive necklaces or pendant with a long chain to draw instant attention to the centre. Do you feel like wearing something more casual? How about sticking to gold and silver bracelets and pair it with a pair of edgy hoops on your ears? Are you more of an artistic and expressive soul? You can try mixing and matching accessories with distinct shapes and designs—think geometric shapes and bold patterns.

It is crucial to make sure that your outfit and choice of jewellery will work well together visually when combined.

Preserving the quality of your silver accessories is also a different story.

Store your silver earrings in a cool, dry place. Keep it in a box lined with soft or velvet fabric and wrap each piece individually with a non-abrasive paper towel. Normally, jewellery shops provide buyers with a special pouch or container designed to keep the accessories from tarnishing. Limit air exposure on your silver pieces, and always make sure it is dry.

Now that you know how to match and preserve your silver jewellery like a pro, you can accessorise and flaunt your favourite pieces with more confidence!

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