Suffering Through Skin Cancer? 5 Treatments That Will Help You Curb Down The Effect

Skin Cancer

Cancer: The word alone sends a shiver down our spines! Over 175,000 Australians were diagnosed with cancer in 2018. The numbers are so bad that statistics indicate 1 in 2 people in Australia will e diagnosed with Cancer by the time they are 85.

How does cancer cultivate itself among us?

Cancer is a type of tumour that forms when the protooncogene cells in the human body are converted to an oncogene. These cells are quick to reproduce making the tumour malignant and cancerous. The type of Cancer that is specific to the skin in its beginning stages is known as Skin Cancer. These may occur in the form of lesions, black spots or coloured patches on the skin. Using the following medical procedures can help reduce the effects of skin cancer to a certain level.

  • Simple excision: –

    The doctor would excise or slice away the tumour or lesion formed on the skin and would treat you with various types of anti-cancer drugs for further formation of tumours in the future.

  • Mohs microscopic Surgery: –

    The skin layers are thinly sliced away and after each cut, the skin is observed with a microscope to ensure no cancer cells are left behind.

  • Cryosurgery: –

    The surface of the skin affected with cancer is subjected to extremely low cold temperatures to freeze and destroy the cancer cells.

  • Radiation Therapy: –

    This type of treatment includes exposing the affected area of the skin to X-Rays or Gamma rays to destroy the cancer cells. Internal cancers are treated by inserting wires, catheters or needles inside the tumour destroying it.

  • Chemotherapy: –

    This is probably the most common way to treat cancer. For Skin Cancer treatment, chemical ointment (such as Topical fluorouracil) is used.

Skin cancer

can occur due to various reasons. Exposure to UV light or sources of radiation can cause skin cancers. Due to the increase in atmospheric pollution and thinning of the ozone layer, UV rays from the sun directly comes in contact with the human body. The UV light can penetrate clothing materials. So wearing dark sleeved clothes doesn’t always help us from preventing skin cancer. UV protecting sunscreens too don’t always act as a barrier against UV lights.

Treatment of cancer can be costly and painful. If detected in the early stages, the medical professionals would remove the lesion or tumour from the body, and a higher degree of risk can be prevented easily. But in the later stages, it can be quite difficult to treat.

Today a variety of procedures are available, especially for skin cancer treatment. One could visit a trained medical professional specialized in cancer treatment immediately after appearances of redness or bumps on the skin. It is recommended that after detection you consult only the most trusted, experienced and well-reputed specialists. They could help you detect, prevent the spread and also remove the cancerous tissue at the beginning stages. Click here to know more about skin cancer!

In cancer too, there are some types more fatal than others. For example, in skin cancer, there is a variant by the name of ‘Cutaneous malignant melanoma’, which is the most aggressive form of skin cancer and comes with a high mortality rate.

Various treatments for malignant melanoma are available, but due to the development of multi-drug resistance, current or emerging chemotherapies have a relatively low success rate. This emphasizes the importance of discovering new compounds that are both safe and effective against melanoma.

An individual should consult a medical professional to determine the type of treatment. Cancer in itself is a deadly disease affecting thousands of people all over the world. We hope this article informed you about the disease and its prevalent medical procedures.

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