Speaker Rick Searfoss Brings Outer Space Experience To The Workplace

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It’s a cliché to say so, but there’s no doubt that one of the most important factors of a successful business is teamwork. No matter how talented the individuals in a workplace environment are if they aren’t working together then it will be hard to reach maximum potential. If your business is experiencing this very problem, then it can be helpful to hire one of the Sweeney Agency’s numerous teamwork and leadership speakers. Their experts come from highly decorated backgrounds and give your employees the advice and drive to come together as a successful unit.

And who better to speak about teamwork and leadership than an astronaut? Rick Searfoss is a former fighter pilot, test pilot, astronaut, and Space Shuttle Commander, flying three Space Shuttle missions during his tenure in the NASA Astronaut Corps. Now he applies those skills to a more down-to-earth business setting in order to get employees and leaders to work together effectively. Because when you’re in space, strong leadership and teamwork is of paramount importance in such a hazardous environment. That’s why major companies such as General Mills, Discovery Channel and State Farm Insurance have employed his services.

Searfoss uses his experience as a Space Shuttle commander to espouse four elements of leadership that need to be balanced in order to do effective work – Purpose, Program, People, and Perspective. Additionally, he teaches leaders how to embrace change in business and how to adapt to new technologies and processes, while getting your team on board as well. Charting unknown territories in outer space certainly gives him perspective on how to “go with the flow”, so to speak.

While trusting your co-workers in an office environment isn’t necessarily a matter of life and death as it might be in orbit, using a similar mentality can certainly take you to the next level. Searfoss makes these skills universal, demonstrating how to work together as one cohesive unit, as well as motivating employees to work independently at the same time.

Finally, Searfoss imparts wisdom on how to execute tasks quickly and correctly, something that is obviously an important part of his former profession. He constructs a Prepare – Apply – Adapt – Debrief Astronaut Execution Cycle to illuminate the necessity of getting jobs done right and on time.

Not only can Rick Searfoss translate his extraordinary experience into everyday applications, but also does so with wit and a good sense of humor. And you better believe he’s got some great stories to tell.

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