How Men’s Hairstyles Make Fashion Sence

Men’s Hairstyles

The debate about whether or not it is appropriate for men to wear their hair long has been going on for centuries. The Christian Bible tells the story of Samson, a man who was very strong as long as he kept his hair long. In ancient times, it was customary for the nobility to wear their long, while the common man had his hair cut short or shaved. This was common until the rise of the Roman Empire. As Roman influence spread throughout the known world, so did their fashion sense. They considered it unseemly and inappropriate for a man to have hair that was longer than a woman’s.

Although it was common for men to wear their hair longer, nowadays it can be as much of a hindrance as anything else. Rock and roll music went a long way towards making long hair cooler and more acceptable, but this coolness does not generally extend to the workplace. In the workplace, men are generally expected to wear their hair in a shorter style.

In some work environments this is practical, like food service, or a place where there is a lot of heavy machinery. But in other environments where it makes no difference this “rule” is still very much in force. Men who like to wear their hair longer have a harder time getting work, and may also be ordered to cut their hair if their employers think it is too long.

Long hair on men has been a status symbol in many cultures throughout history. But for a long time men who have preferred long hair have struggled with the moral right who said we looked like women, and called us sinners. But times change and people change, and what they think is proper always changes. Yes it is true, there are still a lot of workplaces where long hair is considered out of place. On the other hand there are still a great many places a person can find work where no one cares how they wear they hair as long as they are clean, presentable and ready to work.

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