Essential Printer Maintenance Tips Everyone Should Know

Printer Maintenance Tips

You press the ‘printer’ icon on your PC, expecting it to start printing right away, but it does nothing and you are in search of the causes of errors maybe it’s due to drivers and you don’t know how to fix my printer. This is when you start panicking and get frustrated because this can lead to a lot of hold-ups in work. When your printer is performing properly, you often take it for granted. Once it breaks down, you immediately realize just how important it is and that maintaining printers is critical. Sure, printers are known to be finicky, but with the right maintenance, you can keep them in excellent running condition. Here are some essential printer maintenance tips that can help everyone:

Clear the head of the printer

First things first, the head of the printer needs to be cleaned at least once a month. All you have to do is remove the cartridge and then clean it with a lint-free, soft microfiber cloth and warm water. Don’t use wet tissues or alcohol swabs for cleaning. Dry the head completely before putting things back in their place.

Choose a proper cartridge refill

When your printer needs a cartridge refill, your first instinct may be to buy a generic and cheap one. However, if you want your printer to keep working well, doing so can be a mistake. A premium cartridge can keep your printer in great running condition. In contrast, a low quality cartridge will harm your printer’s hardware and lead to low quality printing. Always get high-quality printer cartridges if you want to save yourself a lot of re-printing, stress and time down the road.

Learn more about printer maintenance

You should be aware of things you need to do for maintaining your printer. When you are replacing cartridges, the manufacturer’s instructions should be followed. The bottom area of the cartridge shouldn’t be touched when it is being replaced. Make sure you get a high quality and compatible ink ribbon for your printer, such as Epson Erc-30/34/38 Black/Red Ribbon (6 Pack). Also get toner supplies, as required.

Use the printer regularly

You should try to use your printer on a regular basis. If you don’t use them regularly, the cartridges will simply dry up and this increases your expense. Print at least a few pages after a couple of days for keeping the machine and the cartridges in top working condition.

Turn off the printer

If you are not planning to use your printer for a while, you shouldn’t leave it in working condition. Yes, this sounds contrary to the tip mentioned above, but it is applicable for long periods of time. If you don’t believe the printer will be required in the foreseeable future, it is best to turn it off so it doesn’t experience any unnecessary wear. Moreover, in this way you can also ensure the header doesn’t get clogged up because of dried-up ink cartridge. The added bonus is that you save on electricity when you cut down phantom energy usage.

Follow these simple maintenance tips for your printer and you will not have to deal with any complaints.

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