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When it comes to homeschooling it can be difficult to determine the best time to begin lesson planning. Most parents want a surefire number, promised to guarantee that their child will be ready to accept the lessons, but unfortunately this is not how it works.

Just as when your child was young, reaching milestones left and right, you might have noticed that all children develop differently – at different paces. One of your children may have started walking at ten months, the other not until 14 months of age. You may have had a sitter by the ripe young age of just 4 months, when most do not get there until at least six. You might even have had a child who skipped crawling all together, only to start off moving about in the vertical position. The point is, children develop differently – at different rates and different ages.

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When to Start Homeschooling

Since every child is their own unique person in terms of how they grow and learn, they therefore have different requirements regarding when online homeschooling might be a viable option. Whether you have realized it or not, you have been teaching your child all along. From teaching them to eat solid foods, sayingtheir name, even learning to write their name, you have in a sense already been homeschooling. It is now just a matter of when they are ready to transition to the next phase.

When it comes to a particular age range that you should focus on beginning homeschooling, the number can vary from individual to individual. The only true way to know when your child is ready is for them to tell you. Either verbally or by showing signs of a desire to learn more, do more and grow wiser. You know your child better than anyone and therefore only you can be the true judge of when the time is right. Contact to see if online homeschooling is right for your children.

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