4 Creative Ways to Move Affordably


Moving from one place to another whether it be down the street, across the country or maybe across the ocean to an entirely different continent can be expensive. In order to save bundles of money, you have to plan and prepare for your move properly. Here is a guide to help you get started with planning for an affordable move to the new place that will bring new joy and memories in life.

  1. Pack in Reusable Containers

Boxes are the most common storage items used for the packing and moving process. Boxes however can become damaged and fall apart during any type of move leading your valuable items to fall out or worse become destroyed. In order to save yourself some money, pack your belongings in affordable reusable sealable plastic containers. Not only are sealable storage containers waterproof, but they are sturdy and don’t fall apart like boxes do. Best of all, you do not have to purchase packing tape, or labels. Instead, you can write right on the lid or side of the container what is being stored inside so the items can be handled accordingly.

  1. Use Newspapers and Cloth Materials for Breakable Items

Skip the packing peanuts and bubble wrap that can cost you a small fortune and go with newspapers and cloth materials for wrapping up fragile goods. Companies and people are always throwing out stacks of newspapers so just ask around. When it comes to using cloth materials for wrapping up breakables use your bath towels, kitchen cloths, bedding or old clothing for packing purposes. You have to pack these items up anyways so why not make the most of your time and save some money by using those items for packing fragile items up safety for the big move.

  1. Use the Services of a Moving Company

Most people think they will save money by not asking a moving company for help with the moving process, but the truth is they usually end up spending more. This is because most people only have small vehicles for transportation and can’t always move their belongings in one trip to the new locations. More loads to a new location means more gas money and maybe even stops for food and beverages if the move is a long distance one. To save money and time and to make sure all well packed items including furniture make it to their new distance safety it is wise to call in Allied Van Lines moving company for assistance. It will not only save you time and money, but it can reduce a lot of stress. We all know that moving in general if not planned out accordingly can become stressful.

  1. Ask Friends and Family Members for Help

For those of you that have reliable close friends and family members it is always wise to ask them for help during a move with either the packing or transporting of goods from one place to another. This can help cut down on your packing time, but also save you money with transporting goods to the new location if friends and family members have trucks or trailers they can use for moving goods with ease. With that said, you may want to toss a pizza party after or make up some super yummy sandwiches to feed them. Doing this is a great way to thank them for their time and kind help, but will always keep their tummies full and them happy after doing all that hard work. In addition, it’s just a great way to spend time with each other before you move away.

What are some end thoughts to keep in mind?

Remember, moving doesn’t have to be costly. Just plan and prepare for the move accordingly and think outside the box when it comes to packing. When we moved from one state to another we used the girls stuffed animals as packing cushions for our breakable items. All it takes for a well planned affordable move is creativity.

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